About Lauren

Years ago I was introduced to essential oils as an element to add to my prenatal yoga classes. After dabbling mostly with the aromatherapy aspect, I started to introduce oils into my life as a way of enhancing wellness, both physical and emotional.

After an intense experience with pneumonia and a severe reaction to the antibiotics I took to treat it, I began to eliminate more toxic and conventional products (and some medicines) from my life.

It has taken years to get here, but now that I am, I’m grateful for the powerful impact Young Living has had on my life. As a recently married gal and now on the journey towards having a baby, I am grateful to have ditched so many toxic products over the years. As a I doula, I am so aware of the potential negative impact these toxins have on those trying to conceive, pregnant, or with a new baby. It is my desire to have as holistic a journey towards motherhood as I possibly can.

Not only do I love the impact YL oils have had on my life, but I am passionate about helping others learn and grow along this journey. I love to share experiences with the oils & natural products and truly enjoy giving people opportunities to fall in love with essential oils in their own time. This isn’t just a paycheck for me, but a lifestyle, and I would love to help you achieve the same!
– Lauren Foster