Join The Team


There is a growing community of fabulous go-getters that are recognizing the power of plants and actively applying the use of essential oils to their everyday lives. We’d love to have you join this community, OUR community.

Once you join our team as a MEMBER, we have a private Facebook group that you will be added to, lots of free resources, monthly virtual meetings and MORE! You have an entire group of people on your side helping you along this entrepreneurial journey.

That said, there is NEVER pressure to sell these oils. Our goal is simply to educate and share the love. If you just want to join our community to learn how to ensure your own wellness and only purchase oils for yourself, that works too!

I know taking this leap can be intimidating and you might be wondering if it will really work. It has worked for me and while I’m confident these oils will benefit your life as well, there’s only one way to find out! Are you ready to give it a try?!


Once you order your starter kit, I will eagerly connect with you via phone or email not only to congratulate you on this adventure, but to create a connection that will last a lifetime! Every member of my team receives a curated welcome packet with resources and oily goodies:

  • Access to a smart phone app on essential oil usage
  • Sample of my favorite oil of the month
  • YL Bottle Cap Labels
  • Your Choice of a Rose Quartz or Jade face roller
  • Access to our YL family Facebook group
  • Essential Oil E-Book
  • And other surprises!

I make myself personally available to you to answer questions, provide encouragement, and boost you along this journey. If you have interest in the entrepreneurial side of Young Living, I provide monthly mentorship opportunities and assignments to help you set and meet your business goals. Remember, Young Living does reward you for taking the time to share the oils with you and invest in your oily journey. Once you sign up, there’s a lot of information to share about their compensation plan and how to make this a business. If you have no interest in the business aspect, you don’t have to worry, I will still provide you support as you explore the oils and find wellness along the way!