For The Skin

Your skin is your biggest organ. It absorbs everything you put on it and come in contact with. And it’s for that reason that I think it’s such a shame that we don’t have more regulations surrounding skin care products and makeup. From synthetic fragrances, to various toxins, there is so much junk in mainstream products these days, that it’s no wonder our cancer rate is so high!

You deserve better and Young Living knows that.

Let’s go beyond the oils for a minute and take a look at what Young Living offers for your skin.

You may know by now that I’m a big DIYer when it comes to my oils. I have a ton of YL’s products, but I also enjoy the experience of creating a variety of products for myself! Researching the oils properties and benefits and then combining them to optimize their uses, is so much fun! It doesn’t hurt that the look of my skin has improved along the way.

If you’re not a DIYer like me, Young Living has got you covered with shampoos & conditioners, moisturizers, cleansing oils, facial scrubs, Savvy Minerals makeup and more! You’ll never have to worry about what you’re putting on your skin because YL’s products are so incredibly safe and powered by plants! I highly recommend signing up for the Essential Rewards* program so you can try out all the great products and begin ditching the chemicals.

*Essential Rewards is a way to earn points for every monthly order you place with Young Living. You start out automatically receiving 10% back in points. After 3 months on Essential Rewards, that percentage goes up to 20% where you’ll get that amount of points back for each monthly order for 2 years. Beyond that 2 years you get 25% cash back for as long as you continue your monthly orders. These points can be used for those products you’ve been dying to try out!