For The Home

Following the huge success of their ever popular Thieves essential oil, Young Living released an entire line of healthy, chemical free products made from Thieves oil. From an all-purpose cleaner to laundry soap, to toothpaste and throat lozenges, you can ditch all those mainstream products that fill your home and your body with toxins. 

This freshly Fall-scented Thieves line will give you peace of mind along with a clean, sparkling, fresh smelling home!

Have you ever cleaned your bathroom and gotten a headache from the bleach or ammonia fumes? That won’t happen with Thieves All Purpose Cleaner!!

Have you wondered about the fake floral scents in your laundry soap? Try Thieves laundry soap instead!

You can even use a variety of oils in the Premium Starter Kit to enhance the plethora of Thieves products that Young Living provides. I have quite a few DIYs on my blog – check them out and have fun!